6ft-10ft Wide Crossbars Drape Support Rod - (1pc)

SKU: 74012

6ft-10ft Wide Crossbars Drape Support Rod - (1pc)

SKU: 74012
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Enhance the versatility of your backdrop setup with our Crossbar (Drape Support). Designed to complement 6ft-10ft Backdrop Stand Sets, this crossbar adds a new dimension to your creative options.

Crafted from lightweight yet durable aluminum, our Crossbar provides sturdy support while remaining easy to handle and transport. Whether used as an additional crossbar at the top of your backdrop set alongside our Drape Support Clamps to create layered drapes and unique styles, or positioned at the bottom for added stability and safety, it ensures your backdrop setup is both stylish and secure.

The aluminum construction ensures reliability without adding unnecessary weight, making setup and adjustment hassle-free. Expand your backdrop possibilities and elevate your photography studio, event venue, or creative space with our versatile Crossbar, designed to meet the demands of professional settings with ease and efficiency.

*Drape Support Clamps & Double Crossbar Valance Hangar Sold Separately* 

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