12"x108" Sequin Taffeta Table Runner - Canary Yellow (1pc)

SKU: 01016

12"x108" Sequin Taffeta Table Runner - Canary Yellow (1pc)

SKU: 01016
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Transform your dining experience with our Sequin Taffeta Table Runner, designed to add glamour and sparkle to any table setting. Ideal for weddings, holiday celebrations, parties, and special events, this table runner combines the luxurious texture of taffeta with dazzling sequin embellishments.

Crafted from high-quality taffeta fabric, our table runner offers a smooth and elegant drape that enhances the overall ambiance of your dining area. The sequin detailing adds a touch of shimmer and sophistication, creating a captivating focal point for your tabletop decor.

Available in a variety of colors, our Sequin Taffeta Table Runner allows for effortless coordination with your event's theme or color scheme. Whether you prefer classic neutrals, bold hues, or subtle pastels, these runners provide versatile options to complement any decor style.

12"x108" Sequin Taffeta Table Runner - Canary Yellow (1pc)

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